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Fitness and nutrition
made simple.

We take pride in delivering personalized fitness and nutrition coaching, and placing exceptional client care at the forefront of our approach. Our focus on individualized programs means that every client receives tailored guidance, catering to their unique needs, goals, and preferences. This level of personalization helps our clients to experience tangible results, as they receive guidance that truly aligns with their fitness goals.

We understand the value of flexibility in today's busy world, which is why our remote coaching options are designed to seamlessly integrate with individuals' hectic lives. By offering remote coaching, we ensure that our clients can maintain consistency and commitment to their fitness journey, even amidst their demanding schedules. This way, they can achieve their goals without sacrificing other important aspects of their lives.

In our pursuit of excellence, we are committed to staying at the forefront of fitness and nutrition research. Our evidence-based programs and solutions draw from the latest scientific findings, guiding our clients on the most efficient path to success. By incorporating evidence-based practices, we guide our clients with strategies that have been proven effective, optimizing their progress and helping them reach their goals in the most efficient way possible.

At KPCC Coaching, our goal is to inspire and support individuals in realizing their full potential. Through individualized coaching, exceptional client care, flexible options, and evidence-based strategies, we are dedicated to guiding our clients on a transformative fitness journey that leads them to achieve their goals with confidence and success.

Kurtis Proksch

Head Strength Coach

Kurtis has multiple certifications as a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, nutrition coach, and bodybuilding prep coach. As the former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Wilfrid Laurier University, he honed his expertise by working with a diverse array of athletes from various sports. Beyond training athletes, Kurtis has successfully assisted many individuals in significant weight loss transformations, muscle gain, and overall body enhancement.

With a blackbelt in karate and being a 2X World Champion fighter, Kurtis showcases a strong athletic background. He enjoys educating individuals on training and nutrition principles, empowering them to adopt beneficial habits for long-term progress. As our Head Strength Coach, Kurtis specializes in elite coaching for individuals aiming to build muscle, lose weight and enhance their athletic development.

Beyond the realm of coaching, Kurtis enjoys watching MLB and NFL, reading, going for walks, and spending time with his cat.

Connor Crouse

Head Nutrition Coach

Connor holds certifications as a personal trainer and Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach. With a passion for health and fitness coaching, he began instructing karate students in 2014 while pursuing his blackbelt, fueling his love for athletic improvement. Hypertrophy training and the impact of nutrition on health and performance particularly interest Connor.

Emphasizing the importance of a scientific foundation for coaching, Connor firmly believes in tailoring strategies to the unique needs of each individual client. As our Head Nutrition Coach, he specializes in guiding individuals towards their weight loss and muscle building goals through sustainable nutrition changes.

Outside of coaching, you'll find Connor watching UFC, going for walks outdoors, reading, and actively participating in a German dance group.

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