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Friends and Roommates Group Package

Friends and Roommates Group Package


Are you and your friends or roommates ready to embark on a fitness and wellness journey together? Look no further than our Student Friends and Roommates Package. This unique group fitness experience is designed to bring you and your close-knit group closer to your health and fitness goals together! 


What's Included:


Individual Consultation

We kick things off with a personalized consultation for each member of your group. Understanding your unique goals, lifestyles, and preferences is the first step in crafting a fitness plan that works for you.


Custom Training Programs

Say goodbye to generic workouts. Our expert trainers will create individualized training programs tailored to each group member's needs and aspirations. Whether you're aiming to build muscle, lose weight, or enhance overall fitness, we've got you covered.


Weekly Check-In

Every week, complete a brief survey sharing your progress, questions, comments, and concerns. Once received, we swing into action, delivering an in-depth video response to your survey answers. This constant touchpoint keeps you on track and feeling supported.


Group Fitness Chat

Stay connected and motivated with your group in our exclusive fitness chat. This is a great place to ask questions, share progress, and seek advice. 


Monthly Video Check-In Call

Our monthly video check-in calls provide an opportunity to touch base with your group and our trainers. Discuss your progress, ask questions, and receive valuable insights to keep you moving forward.



- 3-5 Members: Only $60 per person. It's an affordable way for smaller groups to enjoy the benefits of personalized fitness coaching and group support.

- 6+ Members: Get an even better deal at just $55 per person. The more, the merrier, and the more you save.


Reach your goals with your friends or roommates with our Student Friends and Roommates Package. Discover what's possible when you tackle fitness goals together. 


Contact us to get set up!

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