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The Student Fitness Blueprint - Monthly Subscription

The Student Fitness Blueprint - Monthly Subscription


Navigating student life can be quite the challenge. Between lectures, assignments, and social commitments, your health and fitness goals often take a back seat. But it doesn't have to be that way – our student coaching package is tailor-made to seamlessly integrate proper training and nutrition into your busy schedule!


What Awaits You:


1. Video Chat Consultation:

We’ll start with an in-depth exploration of your training and nutrition history, fitness goals, lifestyle, limitations, and more. We want to grasp every detail to ensure your success!


2. Your Personalized Training Plan:

Experience training programs specifically designed for you. Customized to how many days you’d like to exercise, your abilities and training history, and of course, your goals. We remove all the guesswork, offering you a clear path – simply follow your program's exercises, sets, reps, and rest periods.


3. Personalized Nutritional Guidelines:

Comprehensive nutrition guidance that complements your training. We help you establish optimal calorie intake, food choices, and macronutrient balance.


4. Weekly Check-Ins – Your Personal Connection Point:

Every week, complete a brief survey sharing your progress, questions, comments, and concerns. Once received, we swing into action, delivering an in-depth video response to your survey answers. This constant touchpoint keeps you on track and feeling supported.


5. Stay Connected, Stay Aligned:

Be it a motivational boost or a question needing answers – we're here. Send your coach a question with whatever you need, and we'll provide prompt responses, ensuring you're never feeling alone.


6. Hone Your Technique with Unlimited Form Reviews:

Together, let's fine-tune those exercises. Share videos of your technique, and we'll provide valuable insights in our weekly video responses, ensuring your form is impeccable.


7. Access the Trainerize App:

Embrace the Trainerize app, your hub for structured progress tracking. Your training program, nutrition guidelines, and coach communication are at your fingertips. The app even syncs with your food tracker, Apple Watch, or Fitbit, offering a comprehensive view of factors impacting your progress. 


Alongside your coaching package, enjoy our Nutrition Tracking for Weight Loss and Eating for Student Success Ebooks – absolutely FREE!


Don't let student life sidetrack your fitness goals. This package is tailored to you, the student. Your coach is with you every step of the way to ensure your goals are met.


Start your journey with your consultation at no cost! Payment only comes in when you're ready to commit to a coaching package.


*Sign up with a friend for 10% off, or as a group of 3+ for a 20% discount. Send us a message before signing up to receive your lifetime product discount.*

Price Options
Fitness Coaching
C$50.00every month until canceled
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