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Corporate Wellness

Are the dollars you're spending on flexible wellness benefits effective?
About 63% of gym memberships go completely unused.
82% of gym members go to the gym less than 1 time per week.
22% completely stop going 6 months into their membership.
31% say they never would’ve paid had they known how little they’d use it.
Stop wasting your company's money on general wellness programs and instead enroll in expertly designed coaching programs, fitness classes, or workshops. Our services will not only boost your employees' well-being and happiness, but also elevate their productivity to new heights. The best part? You can achieve all this at a cost that is more budget-friendly than many traditional employer wellness programs.
On-Demand Coaching

On Demand Coaching lets each of your employees receive a more individualized approach to their
fitness and wellness. Every 6 weeks, each of your staff can schedule a one-on-one video call with your
company wellness consultant, as well as receive an individualized training program, nutrition guidelines,
and a plan of action to reach their goals. This provides a flexible, personalized way for each of
your staff to better their health and fitness. In addition, we create an empl
oyee wellness group,
where we answer posted questions, and educate your staff about fitness and nutrition.

6 month contract; $95 per employee
12 month contract; $175 per employee
Contact us for more pricing information


Fitness and nutrition consultations are a great first step to helping your employees reach their fitness goals.

These video calls are 45 minutes, and in them we cover your employees' goals, limitations, nutrition and training history, and a plan to get them to their goals. These sessions are recorded and sent to your employee afterwards, as well as a document summarizing actionable steps they can take to improve their health and fitness.

$60 per consultation

Group Fitness Classes

Receive virtual group workouts over your company's lunch hour, before work, or after work. Our coach will lead your team through a 40 minute bodyweight workout with exercise substitutions available to account for your employees' individual fitness levels.


These workouts are designed to help your employees gain strength, improve their body function, and decrease stress!

4 weeks of workouts (1 time a week) - $300

4 weeks of workouts (2 times a week) - $500


Our online workshops are designed to help educate your employees on actionable steps they can take to improve their health and wellness.

Popular topics include:

- Healthy eating on a hectic schedule; meal planning made simple 
- Efficient Fitness: Achieving Results in Less Than 3 Hours a Week
- Myth Busters: Debunking Fitness and Nutrition Misconceptions


1 workshop - $200

3 workshops - $500

*Workshops run 40 minutes in length

*All workshops end with a Q&A period

*Custom topic to be discussed and approved

Not sure which offering is best for your company?
Set up a free call with one of our Wellness Consultants today! 


Workplace wellness programs have been shown to improve employee physical and mental health, improve job satisfaction, and decrease self reported stress levels. They have also been shown to decrease worker absenteeism by 15%, increase employee productivity by 14%, and decrease employee turnover by 11%.

Most busy individuals don’t want to spend countless hours in the gym, unsure about how to reach their fitness goals. KPCC Coaching helps transform your staff from frustrated to confident. We provide your company with solutions to guide your employees towards becoming healthier and happier, and reaching their fitness goals.

KPCC Coaching. Fitness and nutrition made simple.

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Looking for personalized wellness services for your company? Reach out, and we'll collaborate to create the perfect package for your team!

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