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Why a corporate wellness program is right for your company

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Keeping up with your health and fitness is difficult. This is especially true for individuals who work in the corporate setting. Not only do they have work weeks of 40+ hours, but then there is commuting, sleep, eating, family, a social life, and everyday tasks. This leaves very little time for getting active, going to the gym, and cooking healthy meals. Even if an individual does find the time to get to the gym, most people are in a state of confusion when they’re there, not knowing how to exercise so they can actually improve their health and fitness…

Most individuals face two main obstacles when it comes to reaching their fitness goals:

  1. Lack of time - they want to exercise, eat healthy, and be active, but they just don’t have the time to do so. In fact, 63% of gym memberships go completely unused!

  2. Lack of knowledge - if an individual does make it to the gym, or get time to cook healthy, they’re generally just confused about what to do. 55% of individuals report not knowing what to do when they get to the gym, and have no idea how to improve their health and fitness.

At KPCC Coaching, we specialize in solving these two problems.

Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program

When considering a workplace wellness program, most employers only view it as an added perk to their employees. It can have a far greater range of benefits than that. Not only will a workplace wellness program improve almost every aspect of your employees’ lives, it will also do incredible things for the success of your company.

Benefits to Employees

Improved mental health - regular exercise has been shown to reduce the prevalence of anxiety and depression, boost self-esteem, and improve cognitive function.

Improved physical health - apart from the obvious improvement in body composition, exercise also reduces all cause mortality, reduces spending on health care, and increases muscle mass / strength.

Reduced pain and reduced injury risk - exercise helps to strengthen your connective tissue, bones and muscles, which all help to reduce pain and improve movement. Exercise is the best thing an individual can do to move pain free and reduce their risk of injury.

Improved quality of life - the combination of improved mental health, decreased pain, improved movement, improved body composition, and increased strength / muscle mass will have a drastic improvement on one's quality of life.

Decreased stress - regular exercisers report lower stress levels, and report feeling more relaxed after a bout of exercise.

Benefits to Employers

Lower absenteeism - participation in a workplace wellness program has been shown to reduce worker absenteeism by 15%.

Increased productivity - workers who are part of a wellness program have been shown to be 14% more productive.

Less turnover - there is an 11% decrease in worker turnover in a company with a workplace wellness program.

Higher job satisfaction - employees who work for a company with a wellness program have higher reported job satisfaction, which improves employee retention.

Recruitment - with the known positive benefits of exercise, as well as many individuals struggling to find ways to better their health and fitness, a workplace wellness program can be a very powerful recruitment tool for your company. In fact, 60% of employees report that they’d be willing to switch to a lower paying position that supported their personal well-being.

ROI - workplace wellness programs have been shown to have a return on investment of up to 6 to 1.

How KPCC Coaching Can Help

We have four main services which are designed to help your employees be successful in reaching their health and fitness goals. Each of our services provide direct guidance or actionable tips for how your staff can reach their goals in a flexible, time-efficient manner.

Group coaching - we provide each of your employees a one-on-one coaching experience, with a consultation, individualized training program, weekly check ins, and more.

Group fitness classes - we run your company through a virtual bodyweight workout designed to improve your workplace’s overall fitness level. We can deliver these workouts in the morning, over your lunch break, or after work.

Consultations - one of our coaches will meet one-on-one with your employees over video chat, and learn about their goals, current exercise/nutrition protocols, limitations, and lifestyle. They will then provide actionable tips, edit their exercise program, and give a plan for how to reach their fitness goals.

Workshops - our workshops are a fun and engaging way to educate your staff about actionable things they can do to reach their goals and improve their health. We have a wide array of popular workshop topics, and can also prepare a customized workshop topic for your company.

Each of our services will not only educate your staff, but they will also give them a plan of action or tips for how to improve their health and fitness. Choosing one of these, or a combination of these services, is a far more productive way to help your employees improve their health than general wellness programs, or flexible wellness dollars.

Learn More Today

It is clear there is a demand for corporate wellness programming, that will not only help your employees improve their health and quality of life, but will also aid in your company's success.

KPCC Coaching is determined to help you find an offering that works for your company. Based on your industry, company size, budget, timeline, and needs, we have a plan that will work for you! Contact us today to set up a free call with one of our corporate wellness coaches, and we will learn about your company, run you through our services, and help you make a plan for how we can work together to improve your company’s health!

Kurtis Proksch, CSCS, CNC, PTS

Head Strength Coach

KPCC Coaching

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